Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY silhouette old book pages modge podge canvas

A few weeks ago, my colleague told me about a technique called 'modge podge'
I've heard from this technique before, I knew it was a kind of glue but I didn't quite know how to use it
So I started searching!

I went on Pinterest and I found all sorts of projects ..
U can use for just about anything! A whole new world opened up for me!!

I found this blog where this blogger made a silhouette canvas, using modge podge and old magazines

This gave me an idea!

Because I'm in to using old book pages I decided to use these

You will need these things:

* a canvas
* paint (i used acryllic)
* silhouette ( i used regular paper, but it's easier to use vinyl because it comes of easier after painting)
* a (piece of) sponge
* old book
* scissors
* white glue 1:1 water and a jar to stur it in

I started with making my own modge podge. After a little bit of googling I learned that u can make your own modge podge. It's actually very easy (and cheap)!

I used an empty jar, white glue and an equal amount of water as the glue. I stirred it in the empty jar and I got my own home made modge podge !

Step 1:
I cut op some old book pages in smaller pieces

Step 2:
(I used a brush, but some of the hairs felt of, so I will use a sponge in the future)
I spread a thin layer of the modge podge  onto the canvas. Not to much, because the paper u will have wrinkeld paper when your done... as did mine :(

The bookpages modge podged to the canvas

Step 3:
I modge podged the old book pages onto the canvas. I stuck everything nicely together and let the pages overlap. Remember to the edge too! Or else you have this weird looking side when you hang your canvas up on the wall.

Step 4:
Let it dry overnight

Step 5:
Put another layer of modge podge over it, and let it dry again

Step 6:
Cut out your silhouette and place them on the canvas on the place you like to have them. See if you like how it looks.  If not, adjust the silhouettes until you do like it.

Step 7:
I mixed my black and white acryllic paint, untill it became the color grey I wanted it to be. After that, I started painting. I mad sure the paint was think enough so the text on the pages didn't shine trough. Be careful that you don't move the edges of the silhouette! Remember to do the edges of the canvas to!

Step 8:
Luckily for me, acryllic paint dries really soon. I couldn't wait to take of the silhouettes and see how my project has turned out!

And this is how it turned out!

If you want, you can put another layer of modge podge on, but you don't have to if you let it hang indoors...

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